Friday, July 22, 2011


Hhahaa..So what do you think??After School in da house!!I love the part 'A-Ha,A-Ha'!!Everyone looks HOT with their outfits and oh!long legs (jealous! =p)..hrmm..Actually,I didn't recognised the new member,Lizzy in this MV..I only see that hottest Gahee!!WOWWW!!

Here's the Tracklist..Enjoy ^_^

-Let’s Do It!-
-With U (ballad song..nice eyh~)-
-뱅(Bang)! (Inst.)-


Click 'Read more' for their latest pictures & the NEW member's info!~

New member:-

19 Years old
Good in vocals and dance skills
Cute personality!hahaa..

Besides the release of the MV of Bang!,so delicious individual photos of the girls for Bang! are out as well,which uniform do you prefer here?

The pink or the red one??I pick Gahee's pictures only because she is the hottest!hahhaa..=p

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