Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miles Away

I'm so stressed out. This is all because the pressure i'm suffering lately. i'm having difficulty by the end of this first month. i just want to tell you, this is the time i fell in love with a boy so seriously and wanted it to last long. maybe by that time i was sixteen when i first saw you. you were around twenty. and now, i'm seventeen already and still i'm in love with like it was the first time.

it sound funny but it's true. but i swear, i never felt the same way with other guys as i am with you. that make you special to me. you can be matured and childish at the same time. i miss the time when i go back to school, you will text me and say that you're having lunch and tell me how much you love me. now, you're accusing me that i was seeing somebody else besides you. okay. i know that we are miles away apart. can you be just like the old time? i know i maybe change a little bit. this is all because im not use to this situation. i'm trying my best and i know so do you.

you've said it all night that you love me. you call me every night before i got to sleep to wish me and to make sure i'm okay. since two days, you and i become apart. a part of me still needs you to be brave and tell me before i went to school that you love me, no matter the mistakes shared between us.

u said u wont break up with me. and still you hold up with your promise. just our day wasn't the same as we use to be. i've changed, you've changed. both of us changed. and i'm afraid that we'll ending up that could turn out to be my worst nightmare. i know that you do to. cause you always told me that you afraid that someone will took me from you. no one will take me from you cause i choose you.

p/s ; i miss you. even we're miles apart ;c

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